Saturday, July 19, 2008

Louisiana Foods Deli

4410 W. 12th Street, in a warehouse district


Just a word about this place - a seafood wholesaler with a hot foods deli that’s open only on weekdays from 11am until they run out. Louisiana Foods was the kitchen for the original group of Landry’s restaurants, before they were sold to the present Landry’s, Inc., and still is a seafood wholesaler supplying lots of markets and restaurants in the area.

About a half dozen menu items are available each day, including daily specials. It’s counter service only and there’s no place to eat on premises so if you don’t live in the area, as I don’t, it’s a problem. I usually head over to Memorial Park, about a mile and a half away, and lunch under the trees.

The crawfish etouffee plate is available everyday and is always good, much better than you’re going to find at any other counter-service place for a similar price. They use Louisiana crawfish, not the stringy, tasteless, imported Chinese variety. It comes with French bread and a side, which varies. Surprisingly I found the Shrimp Gumbo, also available every day by the pint or larger sizes, to be very disappointing, very thin and with frozen cocktail shrimp only. Likewise the Tuesday special of meat loaf was a disappointment so I have since stuck to the etouffee.

They are also the franchisor for this area for Krispy Krunchy Cajun Recipe Chicken and Seafood. This is one of those franchises for convenience stores and gas stations and it’s the best one I’ve tried, though I’ve only had it here. It can be quite good, but it does sit under the heat lamps so can get dried out and tough.

They also have some very good boudin balls and the chicken and boudin balls are available everyday.

This is accessible only from North Post Oak; W. 12th does not go through under Loop 610.

Louisiana Foods

Krispy Krunchy


Conn said...

We agree with you about the shrimp gumbo--a bit thin on flavor. But boy howdy! the chicken and sausage gumbo is bursting with flavorful smokiness and deep roux. Try that one next time. Even better, you can get a quart or a gallon, frozen, to go out of their refrigerator, right behind you as you order at the counter.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the tip. I've never tried that.