Saturday, July 19, 2008

El Norteno Pollo Asado Estilo Monterrey

A big blue and yellow bus parked in a service station parking lot at the corner of Gessner and Longpoint; there's also a trailer parked about a half mile east on Longpoint and sometimes a third unit even further east. There is also one on Hwy 6 South at Empanada, in front of the Supermercado 6 Market Place.

UPDATE: In addition to the mobile units, there is now a brick and mortar location on Long Point, just east of Gessner, in the space formerly occupied by Thai Racha. Judging from the signs in the windows, the menu is greatly expanded. The mobile units have rebranded as Carnes y Pollos Asados El Norteno.
UPDATE:  I have been advised the brick and mortar place has closed.

This review was posted on a message board previously; I'm just bringing it together with my other reviews. I haven't been to this place in some time; I've been checking out pollo asado places, restaurants and wagons, on the Southwest side, hoping to find something as good as this closer to my home with only partial success.

I learned of this one also from the Taco Truck Gourmet series in the Press. The charcoal chicken here is very impressive and the sides are likewise. I've always gotten the Medio Pollo Asado ($6) - 4 pieces plus frijoles charros, cebolla, peppers (toreados?), incendiary salsa verde, lime and 8 corn tortillas. The white meat portions can be a little dry but the dark meat nice and juicy. Also pictured is a fajita taco - a generous portion of meat - $1.25. They also have salchica (sausage) and cotilla (ribs) although apparently only on platillos which include fajita and which run as high as $16 for the Grande, $11 for a Chica. Entero pollo asado is $11.

That salsa may be hotter than the ones at Jarro.

I wish they’d park one of these things down on my side of town.


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I stopped at the brick and mortar restaurant on Long Point just east of Gessner at the recommendation of Houston Press. Boy, was I disapointed! First thing is I came in and it was very hot there. Apparently the air conditioning was broken, and they were running fans. And another thing, they had iced tea but like many Mexican and Central American restaurants it was "té instantáneo" - instant tea - with lemon no less - even worse. And the chips that she brought out tasted stale. So I ordered agua and an order of guacamole and a tostada con piernas de pollo. The waitress came back to the table and said "sorry, no guacamole". I asked if they had avocado and she also said no. "¿Qué tipo de restaurante de comida mexicana se queda sin los aguacates?"