Thursday, July 31, 2008

Afghan Cuisine menu scans

These are scans of the to-go menu from the restaurant. Prices and dishes on the restaurant menu may differ.

According to a sign in the window, the restaurant is closed on Monday.


Unknown said...

Bruce, I stumbled upon your blog when looking at Bansuri Food Truck. Explored a little and checked out your review of Afghan Cuisine which is right around the corner from where I live. Used to go there when it was Village Restaurant. You menu scans have prompted me to try this place. Thanks.

Bruce said...

I haven't been in a couple of years myself. I should get back out there.

Analog Girl said...

We first discovered this place summer 09 and the curry was awesome, full flavored indeed, I've had both lamb and chicken & tend to order the chicken so I don't have to deal with the large lamb bone as the gravy seemed to be the same. I hadn't been in quite a while & returned earlier this last summer only to find flavors much milder and the overall effect much less complex... so disappointing to me (I tend to like intense flavors). I attributed it to hard economic times... maybe I just got one of those occasional "off batches" and will give it another try before too long just in case. The firni also makes a nice light dessert. We've tried some of the other dishes but preferred the curries - a personal taste thing. I'm hoping they go back to the more complex spicing!!