Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Five Guys Burgers and Fries - UPDATED

This East Coast chain has opened a location in Rosenberg, 24004 Southwest Freeway, one of only 3 in Texas. I've heard about this chain for years; it gets lots of good reviews on national boards like Roadfood.com and is often compared to In-and-Out on the West Coast.

I've never eaten at either but we do have a couple of places around Houston that have been likened to In-and-Out, notably Tornado Burger in Stafford (awful) and Wild Kitchen on Stella Link (not bad).

I'll have to check these new guys out when I get a craving for a burger.

Five Guys

UPDATE (after one visit): In a word, underwhelming. The ordering system is too much for some people - the lady in front of me took 10 minutes to decide what to get for her family. Took quite a while to get the food but the burger itself was not hot when delivered. Fries were good while hot and greasy but when they cooled to near room temp, the bitterness of the potato skins kicked in and made them unpalatable.

I liked the free salted-in-the-shell peanuts - I could fill up on them.

I wouldn't go out of my way for another visit; definitely would prefer Whataburger if I was settling for a fast food burger, might even prefer a Wendy's if I was willing to settle for a room temp burger as opposed to a sizzling hot one.

They need a smaller fry option.


Anonymous said...

I have had 5 guys Burgers in Brooklyn, NY and it was def one of the best burgers i had in NYC. It's disappointing to hear they dont carry the same quality here.

Bruce said...

It seems to be the case where they're discussed that in some locales they're great, in others, only so-so. I guess the fact they're a chain explains it.

JimH said...

Bruce, they opened one in Sugar Land recently. It's in the parking lot of Whole Foods, corner of 59 S & Hwy 6. There's also a Mission Burrito being built-out next door.

Ziggy Smogdust said...

There is one right by my school. THere is also a smashburger right by school. Having gone to both, I regularly choose Smashburger over 5 guys. Too much food at 5 guys. I was shocked when I picked up the bag that must have weighed two lbs, containing their regular burger and fries. I like Smashburger better. And those fries with olive oil and rosemary!

Bruce said...

I like Smashburger better than Five Guys, too, but neither one of them measures up to some or our local burger joints, I think. As for the olive oil/rosemary fries.....I'm a traditionalist, what can I tell you!

Ziggy Smogdust said...

my 5 guys experience

Mary said...

You really oughta try Smashburger. So much better than 5 Guys.

Bruce said...

Mary, as I already mentioned, I've been to Smashburger; twice in fact. Right, it's much better than 5 Guys but still I prefer a local place. Houston is a great town for burgers - I just don't understand the excitement over these new chains coming to town unless it's people who only eat at chains and are understandably tired of them.

I had a review up for a while of Smashburger but took it down because my blog is not about chains.