Friday, August 22, 2008

Cruising for Street Food: Bissonnet

Bissonnet - Chimney Rock to Synott

Taqueria Tampico Hermosa - @ Fondren (see Torta de la Barda on my blog; not the best example of this sandwich)


Mi Bonito Michoacan - between Gessner and S. Braeswood in front of a convenience store - looks like a twin to Laoxaqueno on Harwin but with a menu on the side. This one caught my eye because it lists enchiladas con guilotes and flautas con pollo - quail on a taco trailer? That’s unique. On the first visit I saw another menu that just lists enchiladas o flautas con pollo so maybe there’s no quail? The plates are $10 so I decided to spring for a couple of tacos on my first visit. The al pastor was very flavorful and juicy, relatively large chunks of tender meat, a little fatty and quite greasy - it was excellent although there was no hint of pineapple. The barbacoa was very bland by comparison; also comparatively larger pieces of meat and somewhat fatty. They were served on flour tortillas with lettuce and tomato - I wasn’t asked my preferences for either. The barbacoa had some peppers in it but no salsas accompanied the tacos. Another customer lauded the enchiladas and also the quesadillas, which are $5.

Taqueria La Tacasita
- a big bus 1 block w. of BW 8 - been there for a long time, sometimes parked but not open for days or even weeks at a time. I went once; it was pretty Americanized fare. When open it does a good business.

Taqueria Mi Linda Huetamo # 1 - between Wilcrest and Kirkwood, sometimes not there, sometimes very busy; I’ve never stopped but I do think this is not the same owner as the excellent truck with the same name but # 2 on Hillcroft

Taqueria y Pupuseria El Invasor - 11916 Bissonnet. A new addition. (Reviewed on this blog).

Taqueria Vallarta - 12300 block just before Dairy Ashford In front of Carniceria La Michoacan # 28 - I went several times a couple of years ago attracted by the sign on the side proclaiming en estilo Tlaquepaque (an arts and crafts district in Guadalajara) which means the salsa has broth from the stewing pot added to it. I got tacos that had a combo of barbacoa and lengua but came without onions or cilantro (got it to go and didn’t realize it until I got home - I hadn't been asked if I wanted them). This is where I discovered Piratas and Gringas and they were excellent. NOTE: I'VE SINCE DISCOVERED YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DRENCH THE TACOS WITH THE SAUCE INSTEAD OF USING JUST A SMALL AMOUNT AND THESE ARE TYPICALLY SERVED WITHOUT ONIONS AND CILANTRO.

A gringa (on the left in the picture) is a thick flour tortilla folded over a filling of al pastor meat, avocado and queso then toasted on a grill like a quesadilla; a pirata is the same with fajita meat. At least that’s what the names means here. I’ve tried gringas at several other places (they aren’t as common as tacos, tortas, quesadillos or burritos) and never had better. This place does a good business. NOTE THIS TRUCK HAS DISAPPEARED AND IN ITS PLACE A BUS AND TRUCK LABELED TAQUERIA VALLEJO, USUALLY ONLY THE BUS IS OPEN. THE MENU IS SIMILAR TO VALLARTA PLUS POLLO ASADO AND IT’S DOING A GOOD BUSINESS. THERE IS ALSO A TAQUERIA VALLEJO UNIT RIGHT ACROSS FROM SHARPSTOWN HIGH WHICH WILL BE REPORTED ON SEPARATEDLY ON THIS BLOG

Taqueria Yolis - across the street from Vallarta/Vallejo, The sign proclaims Super Tacos but I didn't inquire what that means. There for a couple of months then disappeared but has recently reappeared. I tried a gringa and a pirata here about 6 months ago. They weren’t bad but not as good as Vallarta across the street. A specialty is the Torta Norteno which I haven’t tried but probably gives a hint as to the regional emphasis of the food. I was told it includes both al pastor and fajita among other things. The tortillas were store bought and not very good.

Some units move regularly; these lists are often out-dated within a few days of being published. It has proved to be impossible to keep them updated.

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