Sunday, August 10, 2008

Argentina Cafe Menu scans

Prices and dishes may differ at the restaurant.


Sarah and Erwin said...

Thanks for posting the menu. Looks interesting. And hey, I enjoy your blog, surely you eat more than you post, no? I'd love to see more from you! No pressure, just hoping for more!

Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes I eat out a lot because I'm not a very good cook. This blog has evolved over time; it started out focusing on Roadfood type eats and has become focused on exploring new and different, mostly ethnic, cuisine. More recently it's been a lot about taco trucks. I want to keep it about exploring new places so I purposely don't report on everything I have.

Anonymous said...

I went to Argentina Cafe 2 o 3 times to try different empanadas and sandwiches,the migas,the empanadas and the salads for far the best in town,best then Marinis and Manenas.The place its spotless and the service its great,at least they speak english.I travel all over the world for the past 40 years and I try Argentinean empanadas all over the world,this ones are one of the tops on my list,you can tell and taste are its a place with home-made food.