Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beep-beep - it's a Bustaurant

The latest development on the scene in the mobile food genre is the Bustaurant, a restaurant on wheels, already roving the streets of LA and SF. The first one was said to be in London utilizing a double-decker bus.

I wonder if these would be legal in Houston? As I understand it, no seating for diners can be provided (for a mobile unit or brick and mortar restaurant) unless a restroom is also available. So, if one of these buses has a potty/lavatory on board, would it meet regulations?

I have seen a handful of units in Houston, trailers and buses, that have dining compartments but have never seen one in use. I was struck when I visited Austin last winter to see not only the hugely popular gourmet trucks on South Congress and South First had eating areas but even isolated, road-side taco trucks would have a table and chairs. Operators here can't provide that amenity nor even be parked close to seating such as a picnic table in a park.


Richard Myrick said...

One of the ways the owners in California are authorized seating, is that they must have formal agreements with nearby store owners who will allow the diners to use their restrooms.

Bruce said...

Come to think of it, the Hubcap Grill truck is parked right next to the patio at Liberty Bar on Washington with tables and chairs within arms reach; they must have that arrangement there.