Friday, July 3, 2009

Caribbean Cuisine

7433 Bissonnet, Suite F, caddy-corner from Sharpstown Hi

I describe myself as a food explorer but sometimes I think a better term might be fickle feeder. Sometimes I get so obsessed with trying new places that I forget about and ignore places I've discovered that are really good. Such is the case with Caribbean Cuisine.

For the past several months I've been doing a lot less exploring, staying in a lot because of the heat, and hitting old favorites and especially places near by. Caribbean Cuisine fits all those descriptions nicely, it's just blocks from my home and very good.

I don't know how long I've been going to this neat, friendly little hole-in-the-wall, but for several years at least. They used to have a small buffet on Wednesdays and Fridays, may still, for all I know. After just a few bites on my first visit and sampling of the buffet I knew I was coming back and I've never hit the buffet again (the steam table is still up against the wall so I presume they still do a buffet regularly).

The jerk chicken is excellent, as are the sides.

The place has usually been packed so I've often called ahead and gotten food to go and dashed home with my bounty. Besides patties, jerk, rotis and plates they offer Miss Ina's Hardo Bread, CoCo Bread, Gizzada (coconut tart), Buns, Bulla, and a selection of homemade juices including Sorrel, Soup Sop, Irish Moss, and, of course, Ginger Beer, plus a small selection of other Jamaican groceries.

Recently I visited again for the first time in about a year and tried a jerk chicken sandwich, a vegetable patty and a banana-raisin muffin. The sandwich was excellent; despite that big roll it was not too dry as there was a lot of jerk sauce on the generous portion of chicken. I was a little disappointed in the patty but the muffin was wonderful.

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