Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boogie's BBQ Now Open in New Location

UPDATE AS OF APRIL 15, 2010. The move has taken place and they are now open at the new location, 8035 W. Airport, # 115, but for the time being they are still cooking on the trailer. That means there's been no change in the quality of the Q, but hours have greatly expanded. The sign on the door says they're open from 10 - 8p Tuesday thru Thursday, until 10pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 12 to 5pm on Sunday. However, on their profile on they says they're closed Sunday and Monday. Call before driving over. There's also an expanded menu including hamburgers and more. There is no dining on premises but I did get a great burger with hand-formed patty there.

A few weeks back I had noticed a sign in a strip center on W. Airport that Boogie's BBQ would be coming soon. I stopped off today at the trailer on W. Bellfort and got the scoop. I was told the move will be 'as soon as the City okays the permits.'

The new Boogie's will be a sit-down restaurant and will be open more days per week - that's good news. It'll be in the 8500 block of W. Airport which is about midway between S. Gessner and S. Fondren; that's only about a half mile off the South Belt at the Gessner exit. It's a little bit farther away from me but still very convenient. I'll look forward to the opening and I hope none of the good things about their Q gets lost as they transition from that little wagon to a fixed pit location. There are folks who think their ribs are the best in the city and I think their home made pork and beef sausage is among the best 2 or 3 in the city; they're the best Q I know of on the SW side.

The man at the pit today told me he is from the North side of Houston and has been cooking for 38 years; the owner is from Chicago and has been cooking for 20 years. The guy hopes to be able to convince the owner to add a few more sides and desserts when they get settled in the new location.


Anonymous said...

Seems there are two Boogies BBQ businesses in the Houston area. One mobile catering biz on the northside...which does big events/catered affairs, and this one on the SW side. The Northwest guy has been in business for about 15 years. No restaurant, but best ribs and brisket I've ever eaten. I've eaten at Burns, and his ribs are better than Burns. No interest in opening up a bbq place though...what a shame.


Bruce said...

The menu from the cart says 'catering available' and one of the guys on the cart is from the North side --- the same guy? Compare phone #s?

Bruce said...

I talked to Boogie today (4/15/10) and he has no idea who the people on the northwest side.

Bruce said...

Still no word on the reopening after the fire.