Friday, February 15, 2013

Maine-ly Sandwiches

10745 I-45 North

I've got a new favorite getaway, a shack overlooking  the coast of Maine serving up lobster rolls - except it's actually along the North Freeway, just inside the Beltway.  Still, $9 in toll road fees beats air fare and lodging costs for the real thing.

When I vacationed in Maine a few years back, I was relieved to find I could indulge in lobster every day of the week without any untoward health consequences and ever since then, I've wanted to find a Maine Lobster Roll here, to no avail.

They're available everywhere there, even at McDonald's, but I only had a couple.  Usually you're offered a choice of butter or mayonnaise dressing.  I always opted for butter, seemed like a no-brainer to me.  I thought the mayonnaise was perhaps a concession for tourists from the Midwest or something, but here the lobster roll comes lightly dressed with mayonnaise and served on a lightly buttered, lightly toasted split top New England style hot dog bun that I suspect is from Slow Dough, and it's better than any I had in Maine.

A whole one is very filling.  I got a house-made Whoopie Pie also and wound up bringing that home for breakfast the next morning. 

I was going to keep this one secret for a while but now that b-4 has blabbed about  it in their weekly newsletter, it'll probably be mobbed, anyway.

Maine-ly Sandwiches

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