Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sno Dreamz

Fondren, just south of West Bellfort, next to the Chevron

Update 11/20/11 - a big banner now proclaims Shaved Ice - don't know if this means they no longer do New Orleans style snow balls, though. It was closed when I went by.

Now that the Season of Swelter is obviously here, I had to check out this little stand that I've been noticing for a couple of months. Over the window it says Sno Dreamz SnoBalls - is this really New Orleans style snoballs or is that just a catchy name? When I saw Tigers Blood listed as one of the flavors, I thought I knew the answer to that one.

There are more than 36 regular flavors, about 2 dozen more specials, 4 sugar free, add-ons, and more on the menu, a dizzying array. A sign in the window says they've added some Mexican flavors, tamarind, horchata, dulce de leche. I chose Wedding Cake with Cream (condensed milk). I'm sure it wasn't the word 'wedding' that attracted me, I'm just a sucker for the word 'cake.'

Okay, not a lot of color contrast in this one (and not a lot of sharp focus, either) but this was really good. That's a small (8 oz cup, $1.50, + $.50 for the condensed milk).

They used to serve boudain but have taken it off the menu since it wasn't selling; there are a few options besides the snow treats including pickled pigs lips - she said it's a New Orleans thing. They don't have a menu printed up and I couldn't get a shot of the menu board because it's behind glass and I got too much glare.

They're open Monday thru Saturday 12N to 8pm, Sunday 1pm to 8pm.

I've got a feeling I'm going to be a regular over the next several months.


Unknown said...

They haven't been open for a few months. Why did they shut down?! I was used to going there twice a day usually around 3 times a week. Now we just pass by with heavy hearts. Lol. Please tell me it's just temporary! : (

Bruce said...

I was down that street a couple of weeks ago for the first time in quite a while and noticed they were closed - but it was freezing outside so I just assumed it was the weather. Like you, I sure hope so.

Bruce said...

I was by there again yesterday and they were open and with a line waiting out front. Good news!

Unknown said...

I went Monday! They also have a new menu with new Specialty SnoCones. I asked why they closed and he said they just weren't making good business during the Winter. So happy they opened back up!