Sunday, April 24, 2011

Haute Wheels

I haven't been following the Food Truck scene in Houston since the first of the year. It's just not swelteringly hot enough to be standing around in a parking lot, breathing the fumes, waiting for a taco or a pocket pie right now. But there's an event coming up that I'm looking forward to, Haute Wheels.

It's Houston's first ever Food Truck festival and it will bring together many of the most interesting mobile vendors for a two day event. Not only that, it's going to be on the Southwest side, on the HCC campus on the West Loop. This will be the closest most of these trucks have ever been to where I live and thus will be the best opportunity to sample many trucks, some of which would otherwise require a lengthy round trip to access.

Note it will cost $16 to get in and that doesn't get you any food. Still, I plan to be there at least one day and if I can't taste everything I want to then, the second day also.


alief foodie said...

D'oh! I'll be out of town that weekend, so it's a bummer that I'll miss this premiere event (sighs). The list of food trucks that will be participating is so tempting too. If you have time, I hope you will review your experience at the Haute Wheels. Hope you have lots of fun & delicious food! Still, 16 bucks is kind of steep for an admittance fee...

Bruce said...

Yes, $16 is very steep. When you consider what it would cost in gas to drive around to all of these it evens out a bit but how much can you eat in one day? I'm sure I'll only be hitting a small handful. Fortunately I've already eaten at 7 of the 20 and am not that interested in a couple of the others.

I hope there are not ridiculously long lines.

Meanwhile I've spotted a couple of new trucks on the SW side and am checking them out.