Monday, March 9, 2009

Panaderia Tierra Caliente # 1

9808 Beechnut-A

I’ve tried a number of panaderias on the southwest side and this is very promising as the best one yet. It’s in the same strip center as Supermercado Teloloapan # 9 and Restaurante Dona Tere.

I’ve been really impressed with the freshness and moistness of the baked goods here. I too often find pan dulce and other baked goods at panaderias to be too dry for my taste but that’s not been a problem here. The bolillos are somewhat irregular; they’re also available as mini-bolillos but I’ve yet to see any teleras. I’ve also yet to see any churros but they would be easy to miss. The cemita was wonderfully fragrant, anise-y and slightly sweet. The chocolate coated cookie, about 4 ounces, was almost cake-like, gingery, with raisins and something crystalline, one of the best cookies I’ve had from a panaderia.

On a second visit I spotted some sausage kolaches. This was very good with a large, plump wiener-sized, juicy salchicha with some bits of jalapeno, split and stuffed with cheese. Lots of panaderias attempt these but this is the first one I’ve found that I liked; the juiciness of the sausage was a plus as I've encountered these where the sausage was over-cooked and too dry. I’d say this was better than the ones I’ve had from El Bolillo on Airline. They also do donuts and almost every other customer was getting them. The sugared cookie was a shortbread cookie (as was the conch shell-shaped, confectioner's sugared item) with quite a few more raisins than the chocolate-coated cookie. The pastry creme-filled item was unfortunately made with just plain bread dough and was a disappointment. There’s a coffee urn but only powdered creamer.

On a Sunday morning visit, the place was doing a brisk business and there were so many heavily laden racks of freshly baked goods wheeled out from the kitchens that it was impossible to even see some of the display cases. I wondered if they’re doing some baking for other stores?

I haven’t tried any of the more fancy baked goods; there’s no menu board in the store or printed so I’m just guessing but I’m sure there’s a Tres Leches, parfaits, and other delicious looking stuff.

Now, if they would just get a branch outpost of the tortilla lady at El Bolillo we’d be all set here on the southwest side.

According to the imprinted bag, there’s another location at 9496 Hammerly.


Chris said...

Semitas and conchas have become my favorite sweet bread after spending a lot of time in Central America. It's nice to see those other treats as well. Like I mentioned before, you have some great food choices in Houston.

Bruce said...

Aha! I didn't know what they're called so I learned something new here today. Thanks, Chris.

Most places here do not have labels posted on the cases.