Monday, August 24, 2009

One Year After Ike

The Chronicle has been publishing a series of articles updating the condition of Galveston Bay one year after the devastation of Ike and a couple of them should be of particular interest to readers of this blog and lovers of oysters and shrimp, etc.

One deals more with the effects of the storm on the ecosystem.

Another deals more with the effects of the storm on the fishery's businesses.


JimH said...

I watched the video and read the article. Annihilated is the word that comes to mind when you watch the video. Nature is resilient though and Galveston Bay has been through this many times.

Marsha Wilson Rappaport said...

You'll be surprised at the recovery efforts. The Gulf of Mexico is still serving up fresh fish.
Galveston is movin' forward with some wonderful and innovative
gourmet Chefs.
We think you'll be impressed.
Tune in:
Marsha Wilson Rappaport
Food Columnist - Reporter

The Galveston Parrot
and of course
come on down and enjoy the weekend.