Monday, August 31, 2009

La Casa del Cabrito

7802 Gulf Fwy @ Dover, one block north of Park Place

The sign says 'en estilo Monterrey' and Monterrey is supposedly the cabrito capital of the world but despite that and the name of the restaurant, there appeared to be only one cabrito dish on the menu ($23.95 for one, the most expensive dish). That was more than I like to spend for lunch so I tried the Fajitas Potosinas, very, very tender beef strips with nopales, onions, jalapenos, cheese and tomatoes. The corn tortillas were as thin as crepes and the fajitas essentially en salsa so too messy to try to make tacos, but they were very good, as was the rice and frijoles. There was a small amount of guacamole and pico de gallo which was the hottest thing since the table salsas were pretty mild.

The waitress had confirmed there was only one cabrito dish but looking over the to-go menu later I found the Torta K'Brona, a torta with cabrito, jamon, chicharron y salchicha. Wish I'd noticed that so I could have had a taste of their cabrito but I will be back sometime in the evening or on the weekend to try it.

It's a pretty extensive menu, a little pricier than your usual taqueria. Another item which sounded interesting was Huachinango a la Plancha.

There is a bar and a stage for bands, karaoke and comedy acts; they're open for breakfast and according to the menu all night on weekends, closed Monday.

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Anonymous said...

This place is very good yes the menu is very good, it has different prices and they do have live comedy from Mexico on weekends and its great because u can see them up close and take pictures with them.