Friday, February 17, 2012

Tacos estilo Jalisco/tacos de barbacoa dorados

In a recent communique, a blog reader has asked for my help in locating the above named tacos, a specialty of Guadalajara. We haven't had much luck over the years in trying to locate another Guadalajaran specialty, the torta ahogada, but maybe we will with this.

These tacos are not the same thing as the Tacos Dorados de Papas at Hugo's described by Alison Cook in a review last fall nor the tacos dorados described by Robb Walsh two years ago in a review of Airline Flea Market, both of which are deep fried items.

These tacos are described as tacos, usually barbacoa, that are fried on the flat top in the grease from the meat until the tortillas become crispy, then topped with the usual toppings.

We have tons of taquerias with Jalisco in the name and probably quite a few taco trucks. Anybody see these on a menu anywhere? They sound tasty (all three types).

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Anonymous said...

TacoKeto on Cullen does them like this.