Sunday, May 31, 2009

This and that

Several of the places I've reviewed here have closed - Nyonya, Troy's, and Alebrije. I've noted that on the reviews which I'll leave up for a while before deleting.

Gerardo has posted a comment on the Las Delicious review about the availability of Lechona but I haven't gotten over there to try it. I did note a review on b4-u-eat about the dish being available every day on the menu at Mono's Grill so I went over to try that. What they actually serve is Lechon Enciendido. A picture and brief review has been added to the Mono's review on the sidebar. I also learned the tamale I had at Las Delicious is called a Tolimenses.

I've had several good comments on Boogie's and went back to visit again. An updated picture is included in the review. In the comments section there are links to some other pictures. I've got to try the boudin.

While researching enchiladas I discovered that enchiladas dobladas are enchiladas with the tortilla folded over twice, to form a wedge shape. I remembered dobladas were mentioned on the menu on the Tacos Don Beto DF truck on South Post Oak so I went back to try that but they weren't able to serve them or a picadita and I settled for a gordita. The menu had undergone some changes - the H in front of Hilangas on the torta menu had just about disappeared - apparently they just use a magic marker. I'm sure it was a capital H but it seems likely there was at one time a C in front of the H which would make the word Chilanga, a nickname for residents of Mexico City and a type of torta, so that's probably what it was supposed to be. Also Jamacas had been crossed out and underneath it Jamaicainas written in; that means Jamaican but I don't know what a Jamaican Torta is.


Jacob said...

Hi Bruce...thanks for the reviews, helped us find Bansuri truck. Did you see the article in the Chronicle in May? They were on the front page. I was driving down Jones Road and saw a banner that read "Texas Best Gourmet Tamale" at Mariels Mexican Cafe. Ordered some of the chicken tamales...Out of this World. Clean, fresh and delicious. Went back for other things on the menu and some of the tastiest food I have had in a while. Check it out. 11650 Jones Road & woodedge.

Bruce said...

Thanks, Jacob. I missed the Chronicle piece; I'll have to try to look it up.

Thanks also for the tip on Mariels; that's a long way away from my stomping grounds but I do get out that way from time to time.