Monday, April 20, 2009

Gourmet Mobile Food Vendors?

I mostly cruise older neighborhoods, those passed over by chains, looking for ethnic finds, mobile or not. Maybe I need to be cruising the Galleria area, Memorial Villages or First Colony, looking for more upscale offerings like these?

Here's more on Holy Cacao.

Actually I think the concept is not so new nor so uniquely 'Austin.' I remember reading a few years ago (at least 2005 or before) about the taco trucks of LA and some of them sounded pretty upscale to me. has done a number of features on NYC taco trucks and food carts; here's one on the Treats Truck.


john said...

Bob, thanks for the mention on your blog. However, the link seems to not be correct. Our website with full info including a menu can be found at:

Thanks again, come see us next time you are in Austin!


Bruce said...

Don't know what happened there John but the correction has been made. Thanks for the invite; I'll look forward to it.